Compact Recoverable Ocean Mooring

ROMOR's C-ROM is a subsurface mooring solution that offers a reliable and compact design for the housing and recovery of oceanographic instrumentation. We manufacture 2 models, the C-ROM and C-ROM Plus. We also develop custom C-ROM products, get in touch if you need something more specific. Standard C-ROM specs below:


Part Number C-ROM-SD13093-0750 C-ROM-SD14081-0750
Buoyancy/Weight (in-air) 34kg (76 lb) / 43kg (94 lb) 47.6kg (105 lb) / 54.5kg (120 lb)
Depth Rating 750m
Material Syntactic foam (flotation), polyethylene (shell)
Hardware Type 316 stainless steel
Strongback Fiberglass (7.62cm x 7.62cm x 0.64cm; 3 in x 3 in x ΒΌ in)


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C-ROM units are also available with depth ratings of 1500m, 2500m, 3500m and 6000m (slight buoyancy loss, depth dependent.) Every C-ROM and C-ROM Plus includes a flotation collar, complete set of type 316 stainless steel hardware and 0.95cm (3/8 inch) anodes (C-ROM only). Note: The listed buoyancy and weight values are for the flotation collars only.
CROM RotoDrum250px


SeaRecovery RotoDrum

The SeaRecovery RotoDrum enables recovery of the mooring anchor once the C-ROM has been released and surfaced. The injection molded, medium density polyethylene (MDPE) RotoDrum is installed over the C-ROM (and C-ROM Plus) following hardware and instrumentation assembly. Available in lengths up to 500m, the 0.95cm (3/8 inch), high strength, Oletec-12 rope can be pre-loaded for rapid deployment.

CROM Anchor Platform

Stable Anchor Platform

The C-ROM Stable Anchor Platform is a steel platform with antifouling paint designed to attach the ROMOR 90.0kg (200 lb) anchor to the base of a C-ROM.

Buoyancy Enhancement Set

Buoyancy enhancements modules are avaiable for the use with the C-ROM and C-ROM Plus. Each module adds approximately 3.2kg (7.0 lb) of buoyancy (depending on depth rating), in seawater. Note: Custom modules can be made available upon request.

ROMOR's Complete C-ROM Solution

C-ROM has standard fitting kits for most popular acoustic release systems including Benthos, Applied Acoustics, Sonardyne etc. In addition the system also provides standard mounts for XEOS RF, Satellite and flasher recovery beacons, Nortek Aquadopp and AWAC, RDI ADCP, Satlantic SUNA and Stor-X, WETLabs Instrument sets, ASL Acoustic profilers. Custom instrument mounts and additional battery packs are easily accommodated.

A unique feature of the C-ROM system is that it inverts at the surface so that the release transducers remain in the water and thus able to be ranged upon. The tracking beacons are mounted to the underside of the C-ROM, so that they are above the water when the float is on the surface.

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Industry Memberships

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