The ADCP- Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler was the original innovation of RDI Instruments. Dan and Steve Rowe, the 'R' in RDI are the brains behind the world's best current profilers. In 2009 Dan & Steve launched ROWE Technologies. Their primary goal is to deliver a highly competitive ADCP without sacrificing on quality.

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Why ROMOR recommends ROWE's ADCPs & DVLs:

  • ADCPs can be Direct Reading or Self Contained
  • Both have Doppler Piston and Doppler Array configurations
  • Dual Frequency (high and low frequency channels available in one unit)


SeaProfiler DF (Dual Frequency Direct Reading ADCP)

This profiler is two ADCPs in ONE. The SeaProfiler DF uses two independent acoustic frequencies in the same instrument. Each of the frequencies can be independently controlled allowing for near simultaneous acquisition of high resolution, short range current profiles from the high frequency channels, and longer range, lower resolution profiles from the low frequency channels.

ADCP Spec Sheet

ROMOR sells the full suite of ROWE instruments:

  • SeaWATCH family of ADCPs offers a versatile selection of self-contained.
  • SeaPILOT family of Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs) represent the industry state of the art in acoustic Doppler technology.
  • RiverQ ADCPs are used for measuring open channel hydraulics and river discharge.
  • SeaWAVE family of ADCPs offers a versatile selection of self-contained and direct-reading instruments for wave measurement.
  • SeaTRAK ADCPs are designed specifically for real-time, Vessel Mount applications (either hull mounted or over-the-side) to measure water currents and relative backscatter from a moving ship.

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ROMOR is the official distributor for ROWE Technologies in Canada. When you work with ROMOR you have VIP access to technical service & support.ROWE Technologies

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