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ROMOR recommends Rugged Controls for running line tensiometers, displays, load monitoring software, load cells & pins.

line tensiometersRunning Line Tensiometers - Cable Line Riders

Rugged Control's RLT features an alloy-steel frame with marine grade coating and high quality stainless steel fixtures. Force and count sensors are located in a removable center sheave, allowing for easy installation without the need to cut or modify the winch lines.

RLT Spec Sheet


Monitor speed, payout, and tension - both cable and chain - in single or multi winch systems with our easy to read, durable displays.

  • LCI-90ILine monitor display
  • LCI-90I-IS
  • LCI-90P
  • Line Control Monitor Replacements
  • Custom Display
  • Drum Counter
  • Enclosures & Accessories


System features include user selected alarm settings and alarm actions, a recallable database of vessel mooring configurations and mooring line breaking strengths, plus automated data logging and trend analysis.

  • Load Link Hoist Test Systemsoftware line monitoring
  • WinchDac Software 
  • Tugboat Line Monitoring Software 
  • MARQUIP® Mooring Monitoring Software
  • TrawlDAC
  • Tension Master Software

Load Cells & Pins

A load cell is a transducer that converts an applied force into either an analog or digital electrical signal. The conversion is achieved by the physical deformation of resistive foil strain gauges which are bonded internally to the load cell.

  • Load Cells 
  • Load Pins
  • Instrumented Shackles
  • Tension Links

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