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MB2: Multibeam Echosounder

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EchoBoat-ASV Fully Autonomous/Remotely Controlled Surface Vehicle


echoboat for marine surveying


Seafloor Systems presents Autonomous Surface Vehicles for the Hydrographic Community. The perfect solution for surveying lakes, ponds, narrow rivers and streams, protected waters and sheltered harbors.

For professional hydrographic surveying, the Echoboat may be customized to individual customer requirements. The boat may be purchased with the desired depth sounder pre-installed, or supplied ready to accept the user's existing sensors. Similarly, customized cabling can be included allowing the boat to accept existing GPS, GNSS and RTK positioning systems.

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The dedicated marine laser scanner for hydrographic surveying.

At the heart of the system is a 250m range laser scanner and a GPS receiver, which together provide accurately time-tagged survey data. Merlin supports the long-range lidar scanning of all above-water features associated with rivers, canals, coastlines and offshore areas. It will integrate with your vessel's existing hydrographic equipment, enabling data capture above and below the waterline simultaneously.

  • Updating electronic navigation charts: Use long-range laser scanning to create and monitor navigation charts without venturing into hazardous coastal zones.
  • Coastal mapping and erosion: Compare old and new data to manage and monitor coastline changes.
  • Updating risk-management, maintenance and flood models: Use historic data to predict future events.
  • River and canal surveys: Scan and identify key features of canal and riverside areas to assist with urban planning.
  • Port and harbour surveys: Collect detailed information above and below the waterline at the same time in these busy and often highly populated waterways.
  • Beach erosion: Carry out detailed scans of beach profiles for maintenance purposes.


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