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Visit, meet and connect with ROMOR Dec.1st through 4th online at Oceanology International's virtual conference. Oi Connect Find out what’s making a splash in our industry at Oi Connect!

Learn from the experts at our 4-day Virtual Conference, attend 1-2-1 video meetings and have a laugh while speed networking.

This is the foremost event to connect with the global ocean technology community from anywhere in the world!

Come and see ROMOR's Showcase



Ensign Subsea Systems lands major defense contract

Ensign Subsea Systems, a member of the AAE Technologies group of companies, is proud to announce the award of a significant defense contract by an undisclosed major naval power. Utilizing the technology produced by its sister company, Applied Acoustic Engineering (AAE), the award is for the supply and support of multiple units of AAE’s Nexus 2 USBL tracking system that are be installed on the Navy’s next generation of mine countermeasures (MCM) vessels.

Read the full article here.

Join us in Halifax at this year's Marine Renewables Conference.

We will be showcasing our top brands: Applied Acoustics, Rowe Technologies, Deepsea Power and Light, Alseamar, Liquid Robotics, Mclane Labs and Rugged Controls.

McLane training

Marine Guiot received McLane training in their facility, East Falmouth Massachusetts.

Marine ROMOR MacLane


ROMOR presentation - ISMER - Rimouski, Sept 12th

Join ROMOR September 12th, at 1pm at ISMER, Quebec Ocean,
Salle Mohammed El-Sabh, ISMER


IAGLR - Toronto June 18th-22nd

Join ROMOR and McLane Labs at the 61st Annual IAGLR's Conference,
June 18-22nd in Toronto



OCEANS17 - Anchorage, Alaska Sept. 18th-21st

The 2017 MTS/IEEE OES OCEANS conference is a piece of the next chapter of Alaska and its waters. Anchorage, Alaska hosts OCEANS North America for the first time.

Please visit us at the Dena’ina Convention Center for what will be a very important gathering of ocean experts.

ROMOR attends Oceans 17 conference Anchorage Alaska

CMOS 2017 at the Hilton Downtown Toronto

Come and visit ROMOR at CMOS June 4-8 at the Hilton in Toronto. We will be bringing ROWE Technologies, Liquid Robotics and ALSEAMAR's SEAEXPLORER. We are excited!

ROMOR attends CMOS 2017 in Toronto

Ocean Business Exhibition 2017 in Southampton, UK.

Ocean Business Conference 2017

ROMOR purchases the new Applied Acoustics Engineering Nexus 2 USBL system for its rental pool. Darrin Verge President/CEO and Adam Darling CEO

March.27th, 2017 - SeaExplorers arrive safely in Nova Scotia

The end of march welcomed the arrival of 4 of ALSEAMAR's AUVs. First stop was ROMOR Atlantic. As you can see we had some very happy people on hand to welcome this technology to the east coast.

Sea Explorer Gliders arrive in NS


These gliders will be used to measure water temperature, salinity and oxygen levels on some of the monitoring lines. The gliders will enhance DFO's normal ship based sampling that happens three times a year on the Halifax Line.

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