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McLane Research Laboratories manufactures in situ time-series oceanographic profilers and samplers with the objective to enable worldwide investigators to achieve their research and scientific goals. Below we feature 2 profilers and 4 samplers. ROMOR distributes all of McLane's complete product lines throughout Canada.



Imaging FlowCytobot

IFCB 175px

Application: The Imaging FlowCytobot (IFCB) is an in-situ automated submersible imaging flow cytometer that generates images of particles in-flow taken from the aquatic environment.  The IFCB uses a combination of flow cytometric and video technology to capture high resolution images of suspended particles. Laser- induced fluorescence and light scattering from individual particles are measured and used to trigger targeted image acquisition; the optical and image data are then transmitted to shore in real time.Collected images during continuous monitoring can be processed externally with automated image classification software. Images can be classified to the genus or even species level with demonstrated accuracy comparable to that of human experts.


Remote Access Sampler

sampler remote175px

Application: The Remote Access Sampler (RAS-500) is a deep ocean or coastal time-series water sampler that autonomously collects pure, unbiased specimens using a user-defined sample schedule. The RAS- 500 collects ambient water and suspended material in individual Tedlar® bags for biological, dissolved major and minor nutrient, dissolved trace metal, or dissolved organic carbon analysis.


 PPS with solenoid 175px

Application:The Phytoplankton Sampler (PPS) is an autonomous particulate sampler that filters up to 24 individual water samples through 47mm filters. Samples are collected in user-defined time series to collect trace metals, phytoplankton and suspended particles. The patented multi-port valve isolates individual samples and distributes water directly to the filter before passing through a pump.







WTS-LV (Large Volume Pump)

WTS LV 175px

Application: The Large Volume Water Transfer System (WTS-LV) is a large volume single-event sampler that collects suspended and dissolved particulate samples in situ into a 142mm membrane filter. The WTS-LV allows for a choice of pump size and filter porosity for a range of specimen collection. Collection targets include chlorophyll maximum, particulate trace metals, and phytoplankton. The WTS-LV dynamic pump speed algorithm adjusts as material accumulates on the filter minimizing risk of a damaged sample and improving battery endurance. The modular filter holder is designed to evenly distribute collected material. A three-tiered filter holder option is also available.


Sediment Traps


Application:Time-series sediment traps were the original McLane Research Laboratories product line when the company was founded in 1983. Sediment Traps collect vertically settling particles into individual sample bottles which are sealed when not in collection mode. Our traps provide exceptional performance for biogeochemical studies including radionucleide, paleoproxy, carbon cycle analysis. They are also beneficial for environmental and pollution monitoring.



Ice Tethered Profiler

ITP 175px

Application: The Ice Tethered Profiler (ITP) is an autonomous time-series instrument that vertically profiles the water column under the ice and collects in situ measurements of salinity and CTD temperature data. Data is automatically transmitted near real-time via inductive modem. Profiling depth, time intervals and pressure stops are user-defined, and profiling patterns can span specific seasons or timeframes.





McLane Moored Profiler

100 3163 SUNA Edit 2

Application: The McLane Moored Profiler (MMP) is an autonomous time-series instrument that profiles the water column by traveling along a fixed wire carrying an array of sensors. Depending on the sensors that are selected, in situ measurements can include conductivity, temperature, depth, cholorophyll-a and dissolved oxygen data. An optional underwater inductive modem provides real-time communication between the MMP and a surface buoy or seabed node. Profiling depth, time intervals and pressure stops are user-defined, and profiling patterns can span specific seasons or timeframes.



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