NaviSuite Specsheet

Scanfish III ROTV Specsheet

ToughBoy Panchax Specsheet

As a leader in oceanographic instrumentation sales and service, ROMOR has had to narrow in on software that is compatible with hundreds of different applications. So far, EIVA develops the industry's most compatible software solutions. A long list of plug-ins make this possible.

NaviSuite, Nardoa video imaging in NaviModel

NaviSuite Spec Sheet

EIVA didn't stop at software, the company manufactures high quality tow fish, bouys, an ATTU and a popular winch.


The Scanfish III ROTV

Scanfish III Spec Sheet

EIVA's ROTV is now on its 3rd model. The family of ScanFish include, Rocio, Katria, Konia, and Tropheus. Each of these ROTVs have specialized capabilities.


The ToughBoy Panchax

ToughBoy Spec Sheet

This oceanographic buoy solution offers you the lowest possible total cost of ownership on the market.


ATTU Eiva300pxATTU

EIVA ATTU has time-tagging accuracy that is better than 50 µSec, far superior to what can be obtained through use of the standard clock of an ordinary PC.


Envirowinch300pxThe OceanEnviro™

EIVA's Winch product range offers you maximum tow cable lengths ranging from 600 metres to 3,400 metres, drum diameters from 250 millimetres to 490 millimetres, and motor power from 1.5 kilowatts to 10.4 kilowatts.

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