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Easytrak Nexus 2, Model 2692

EasyTrak Nexus350px The Nexus 2 is the second generation of Easytrak digital USBL systems designed as a highly advanced positioning and tracking system that is quick to deploy and straightforward to operate. Featuring AAE Sigma 2 acoustic protocols, the Nexus 2’s digital Spread Spectrum transmissions provide a secure acoustic link with very low susceptibility to interference, enabling precise and reliable positioning over an extended operational range.

  • Bi-directional Sigma 2 Spread Spectrum acoustics
  • Choice of transceiver - directional or hemispherical
  • Optimised beacon refresh rate
  • 16 target tracking
  • Geographical navigation overlays
  • EasyCal embedded calibration tool with AutoCal Wizard
  • Data telemetry options
  • Common interrogate frequency positioning beacons350px
  • Sound velocity profile upload facility


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USBLs, Beacons and Sub Bottom Profilers

ROMOR has sold and serviced subsea acoustic technology since the 80's. We feature Applied Acoustics because the company manufactures some of the most reliable mid range products in the industry.


EasyTrak Nexus350px Applied Acoustic has 5 USBL Systems under the EasyTrak name. All of these systems include:

  • All operational equipment, hardware and software
  • Integral pitch, roll and heading sensors to compensate for vessel movement
  • GPS receiving software
  • Robust, lightweight enclosures
  • Intuitive control software, bringing the confidence of professional USBL systems to a wide operator base.

Four commercial versions of the system are available; the rack-mount, vessel based Nexus and Lite, the compact Alpha and Alpha Portable that have a display screen and keyboard housed in a marine grade splash-proof enclosure.

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Positioning Beacons

Every beacon Applied Acoustic's manufactures has been designed to be immediately compatible with almost all industry standard tracking systems operating worldwide.

  • positioning beacons350pxMicro Beacons: Small sized, ideal for divers, short ranges and small ROV’s
  • Mini Beacons: ‘Work-horse’ beacons for towfish and ROV tracking, often used by divers too
  • Midi Beacons: High powered, but compact. Used for long range towfish tracking and AUV positioning
  • Fat Boy Beacons: Ideal for deep water ROV’s and AUV’s
  • Low Frequency Beacons: Long range, deep water applications
  • Seabed Beacons: Large battery capacity for long term deployment often used as reference markers


Sub Bottom Profiling

Applied Acoustics manufactures a variety of sub-bottom profiling systems to accommodate different challenges such as coastal or deep waters, soft sediment or harder rock. A typical sub-bottom profiling system will consist of:

  • sub bottom profiler350pxEnergy Source
  • Sound Source
  • High Voltage Cable
  • Hydrophones
  • Acquisition system

Sub-bottom profiling systems from Applied Acoustics use the technique of Reflection Seismology to create a 2D picture of the geology beneath the seabed. This technology requires a controlled seismic source of energy (a CSP unit) connected by high voltage cable to a sound source (boomer or sparker) that transfers the energy through the water to penetrate the seabed.

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ROMOR is the official distributor for Applied Acoustics in Canada. When you work with ROMOR you have VIP access to technical support. applied acoustics
AAE's North American office is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE). More


Passive Acoustic Monitoring

Turbulent Research's passive acoustic product line includes broadband recorders, processors, and real time digital hydrophones and noise mitigation products that deliver exceptional quality at a fair price.





Underwater acoustic data acquisition product family

Key features:

  • Multiple Sychronously sampled input channels
  • Flexible sampling rates from 24 KHz to 384KHz
  • Deep solid state recording
  • Low power consumption for long deployments
  • Real time data streaming of raw or processed data over ethernet
  • Noise calculations Performed in situ

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