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For reliable underwater cameras, lights and lasers think DeepSea Power & Light.

ROMOR has been working with DeepSea Power & Light for decades. This supplier offers customers the BEST in underwater lights and cameras. DeepSea is proud to offer the high level of quality the product in their products. Every product bearing the DeepSea brand has been pressure tested. The durability of DeepSea's Cameras & Lights are trusted by the United States Navy and used on the manned submersible known as the ALVIN.

DeepSea Power & Light manufactures a broad range of underwater equipment, ROMOR is Canada's 'go-to' distributor for DeepSea's full suite products. 

ROMOR's DeepSea products include:

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Underwater Lights & Cameras Spec Sheet

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ROMOR is the official distributor for DeepSea Power & Light in Canada.When you work with ROMOR you have VIP access to technical support.
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Industry Memberships

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