East Coast Acoustic Detection Network

The Players

ROMOR brought together five vendors to provide a sonar-side scan system for the Ocean Tracking Network’s Acoustic Detection Network.

Edgetech  supplied the side scan sonar (topside mount), self-tow cable, depressor and training on the system.

Rugged Controls supplied the instrumented sheave and display

TE Connectivity provided the armored tow cable and Ocean Innovation provided the portable winch.

OKEANUS is building the 10HP winch that will hold the 2000 meters of armored cable.

Robin Patterson (RW Hydraulics) delivered the training and installation of the winches.

ROMOR Partner Logos

The Purpose

The OTN will use this system to locate suitable deployment sites for their acoustic detection network. The detection network will be used by The Department of Fisheries, and several other Ocean climate groups to monitor acoustic activity.

The Sonar is a new updated 49 hundred dual frequency system 2000 meter armored cable with a 10hp 3 phase winch, options include 300 soft tow cable and portable winch, ROMOR will be supplying maintenance and training from within the ROMOR network of providers.

Edgetech Side Scan Sonar

Sidescan Sonar

ROMOR’s Role

ROMOR facilitated the custom wiring required to connect the soft cable to the portable winch. Logistics involved collaborating with Ocean Innovation (California) and Edgetech (Massachusetts) to ensure the soft tow cable would successfully attach to the portable winch with communication and power delivered to the sonar side scan.