Training supplied by ROMOR, Applied Acoustics and Oceanbotics accepted by DND

ROMOR and technology partners, Applied Acoustics and Oceanbotics, conducted a 4-day training seminar at The COVE for the Nexus 2 USBL and SRV-8 ROV.

Darrin Verge, President of ROMOR, chose The COVE as it provided an ideal space for the training which consisted of real-world deployment and practical use of the systems.

Day 1 included introductions from the 14 trainees representing FMF Cape Scott Engineering Group and underwater acoustics, mechanical, electrical and weapons experts from the dockyard. Day one training was held at a local survival training centre.

Trainee teams used the SubNav operating systems and an xBox controller to fly the SRV-8. That afternoon the teams activated the system’s sonar and practiced locating suspended objects in the pool. The team enjoyed recovering objects (hoops and rings) using the manipulator arms (the Grabber).

Day 2, training teams flew the SRV-8 at The COVE, operating the system inshore, learning ROV tether handling and more advanced operating procedures of the SRV-8 drone ROV.

Day 3, the SRV-8 was deployed near and under a Canadian Frigate. Trainee teams were introduced to real-world applications, where the SRV-8 would be used to inspect vessels.

Trainees greatly appreciated the opportunity to operate the system under the Frigate and showed enthusiasm and commitment, working through snow, wind and cold conditions.

Some highlights from the group include:

“We never seen that before”, “We never got the divers to do this kind of thing before”, “This system was able to do exactly what we needed to do without having to bring in a human diver.”

Day 4 saw the group back at The Cove with instructors from Applied Acoustics, Ben Darling, (Support Engineer) and Gavin Willoughby, (Director of Business Development).

Trainees started in the classroom followed by dock training on the Applied Acoustics Nexus 2 USBL system. The group had lots of questions on best practices, system capabilities, specifications and performance.

Ben Darling, from Applied Acoustics provided operational and technical training on the Nexus 2 USBL which included a  30m cable (topside) and underwater transceiver.

“Thank you to ROMOR Ocean Solutions and all those that attended the event. Canada has been very welcoming.”

Ben Darlin, Support Engineer, Applied Acoustics

Training wrapped up with the technical team from ROMOR attaching an underwater acoustic beacon to the SRV-8. Trainees had the opportunity to fly the outfitted ROV around and through the underwater Stella Maris Platform.

The SRV-8 was acoustically tracked by the Nexus 2 transceiver deployed on a mechanical pole on the pier.

The complete system and training supplied by ROMOR, Applied Acoustics and Oceanbotics was accepted by the Department of National Defence.

“We want to thank everyone who participated in this training event, especially our technology partners who provided expert knowledge & advice on the Nexus 2 USBL and SRV-8 ROV. “

Darrin Verge, President, ROMOR Ocean Solutions

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