AUV Wave Glider

Imagine a globally networked ocean connecting sensors, vessels, aircraft, satellites and unmanned systems.

A place where data is available on demand, around the clock, and data sets are rich and robust over

time and space.


Maritime Surveillance

Lower Ocean Surveillance Costs: Deploy Wave Gliders in different formations to improve detection of vessels entering or operating in surveillance areas before utilizing and deploying more costly assets.

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Collecting the necessary meteorological and oceanographic data to improve weather models and forecasting is made possible and affordable with a Wave Glider ®.

  • More cost-effective and more reliable than buoys
  • Adaptable to evolving demands and ship operations
  • Long duration, 24/7/365 operations
  • Unaffected by cloud cover
  • Improved data accuracy with in situ measurements

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The Wave Glider Advantage

  • 24x7 Long-Duration Operations
  • Station keeping or mobile data collection for up to 12 months with no fuel, emission, or crew at sea
  • Real-Time Communications Gateway: Linking Seafloor to Space
  • Provides immediate situational awareness and accelerated decision making
  • Proven at Sea
  • Over 1 million nautical miles traveled to date with operations through doldrums and hurricanes/typhoons
  • Open & Extensible Platform
  • Add new sensors and software capabilities. Integrate and operate with other systems
  • Lower Risks & Cost of Ownership
  • Do more with less while keeping people out of harm’s way


Watch the Wave Glider in action:

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ROMOR in collaboration with Dalhousie university has deployed, retrieved and serviced the Wave Glider during a marine mammal tagging & monitoring project. We maintain a great relationship with Liquid Robotics to ensure ROMOR customers have a high priority relationship with the manufacturer.

ROMOR is the official distributor for Liquid Robotics in Canada. When you work with ROMOR you have VIP access to technical support and product service.
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