Meet the innovators in underwater sensor technology.

The proliferation of Aquaculture, the importance of Water Quality and Environmental Monitoring have been driving innovation in ocean instrumentation.

These three suppliers have developed highly reliable integrated systems.

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Multiparameter Probes, Underwater Loggers, Specific Pararmeters

Flurometers, Active Fluorometers Turbidity Sensors

Underwater Altimeters and Depth Sensors

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WiSens Data Logger

WiSens Data logger by NKE Instrumentation

Data Loggers: The WiSens range

These autonomous data loggers offer a very high ease of use thanks to the Wi-Fi, fully integrated in the WiSens using a simple on/off switch.
WiSens Do measures and records dissolved oxygen, pressure and temperature in coastal waters.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast wireless cofiguration and data collection
  • Light and compact
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Lithium long-lasting batteries (several months)

Multiparameters Sondes: The WiMo

The WiMo sonde allows you to measure up to 20 parameters thanks to its smart sensors suite that benefit from real plug and play and automatic recognition as you can connect and disconnect the smart and digital sensors even with functioning sonde.

  • WiMo Multiparameter Sonde

    WiMo Multiparameter sonde from NKE.

    WiFi link compliant all platforms (Windows, Mac, IOS, Androïd)

  • Automatic sensor recognition (Plug and Play)
  • Smart wiper management (automatic recognition of sensors)
  • Integrated Modbus protocol functionalities
  • Datalogger storage in Flash memory or SD card
  • Downloaded data by serial link or WiFi
  • Automatic data transmission module recognition

Profiling Floats

nke Instrumentation has extensive experience in the design and the manufacturing equipment useful for oceanographers’ studies of the evolution of oceans and climate. The company benefits from a technical team specialized in the development of profiling floats and allows NKE Instrumentation to offer to its customers various types of floats.

Profiling Float by NKE PROVOR

The PROVOR CTS5 Profiling Float by NKE

  • Standard profiling floats (ARVOR and PROVOR)
  • Bio & specific profiling floats
  • High & low depth profiling floats

BGC-ARGO compliant for R&D and demanding applications.
The PROVOR CTS5 -with camera- design is based on the ARGO PROVOR CTS4 float to integrate additional sensors to the standard CTD. These are optical sensors from Satlantics, WetLabs or Aanderaa.

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VLux AlgaePro

VLux AlgaePro is the latest advancement in in situ fluorometers from Chelsea Technologies, measuring 4 algal groups with integrated environmental corrections for absorbance and turbidity in one compact sensor. The absorbance measurements also provide a correction for CDOM interference and increase dynamic range by a factor of 20x.

VLux Algae Pro Fluorometer for Aquaculture

VLux AlgaePro by Chelsea Technologies


  • Harmful algal bloom monitoring
  • Finfish and shellfish aquaculture
  • Bathing waters
  • Algal bloom monitoring
  • Catchment monitoring
  • Environmental health
  • Water treatment
  • Industrial monitoring of algae
  • Identification of contamination in bottled water production
  • Algae population assessment in bioreactors
  • Research into primary productivity and algal population characterisation

A full range of fluorometers include the VLux (algae, Tryptophan, Fuel, Oil), the TriLux, UniLux and UvLux series.

What is LabSTAF?

  • LabSTAF active fluorometer

    LabSTAF active fluorometer by Chelsea Technologies

    Monitoring phytoplankton primary productivity using the latest in STAF technology

  • Unparalleled sensitivity allowing measurements in extreme oligotrophic waters
  • Wide dynamic range providing reliable measurements from open ocean, coastal waters and lakes
  • Fully automated acquisition allows for continuous measurements without manual intervention
  • Compact and robust portable unit – ideal for deployment on research vessels and outdoor locations
  • Automated sample exchange and system cleaning for extended autonomous operation

Why LabSTAF?

  • Advanced corrections as standard
  • Seven waveband excitation for spectral correction of photosynthetic measurements and assessment of community structure
  • Dual fluorescence waveband measurement to compensate for the reabsorption of chlorophyll fluorescence through the package effect
  • Baseline subtraction to exclude fluorescence signal from non-photosynthetic sources

PAR Sensor

Gather highly sensitive data on light irradiance with the Chelsea PAR sensor. With a depth rating of 1000 m, the PAR sensor can be fitted to profiling systems or oceanographic moorings to get a complete picture of the photic zone. The long term calibration stability and titanium corrosion-resistant housing make it ideal for long term deployments on vehicles or wider instrumentation systems in all water environments.

PAR Sensor

PAR Sensor


  • High sensitivity
  • Long term calibration stability
  • Logarithmic 6 Decade range
  • Wide angular detection range
  • 1000 m depth rating
  • Corrosion resistant housing


  • Sea-truthing of satellite data
  • Oceanographic and environmental studies
  • Referencing primary productivity measurements
  • Referencing in situ fluorometer measurements
Underwater Altimeter by ImpactSubsea

Underwater Altimeter & Echo sounder by ImpactSubsea

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Underwater Altimeter & Echo Sounder with optional Pitch, Roll & Heading (AHRS)

Optionally available on the ISA500 is an integrated Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS) providing Heading, Pitch & Roll.

The AHRS is based on Micro-Electrical-Mechanical-System (MEMS) based technology.

Within the ISA500 there are three MEMS based Gyros, Accelerometers & Magnetometers. The outputs from each of these MEMS devices are fused together, providing highly stable Heading, Pitch & Roll.

The Heading is highly resilient against temporary magnetic interferes. This is aided by a soft and hard iron calibration feature once the unit has been installed on the ROV, AUV or other underwater application.