Low-logistics & Multi-mission glider

Application Fields:

  • Oceanography & Science: environmental Research & Monitoring
  • Oil & Gas: Exploration & Environmental Baseline Studies
  • Defense & Security: Acoustic Monitoring & Patrolling

Key Features

  • Large-scale (thousands of km) & enduring (weeks to months) observing system, covering the entire water column
  • Autonomous vehicle & near real-time data transmission: onshore piloting using satellite telemetry.
  • Very cost-effective data collection device: easy to operate, no surface supervising boat required

Key Benefits

  • Economical & Low-Logistics: Rechargeable Battery = Substantial [Budget + Time] savings, (No energy pack replacement / No vehicle opening / No re-ballasting), Interchangeable payload sections
  • Enhanced Performances: Large ballasting volume: high speed & maneuverability, Large payload sections, Shallow and deep water operations
  • Reliability: Low leakage risk: glider rarely opened (rechargeable battery) & internal actuators (no external moving parts), Wingless design: no break, nor entanglement

Spec Sheet