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Meet the world’s smallest imaging sonar, the ISS360.

Meet the world’s smallest imaging sonar with a reach of up to 6000 meters.

S-Boom Sub-bottom Profiling System

S-Boom Sub bottom profiling system

Carry out deep penetration seismic surveys with ultra-high resolution data quality.

Lightweight and portable side scan sonars

The 6205s enables superior coverage enabling faster and safer survey completion.

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6205s Combined Bathymetry & Side Scan Sonar by Edgetech
6502The 6205s overcomes the limitations of Multi Beam Echo Sounders (MBES) and Interferometric systems in shallow water by using EdgeTech’s unique Multi-Phase Echo Sounder (MPES) technology. This Hybrid approach combines both Beamforming and Phase Discrimination techniques to determine each sounding along the seafloor. With the integration of EdgeTech’s Full Spectrum® CHIRP technology, the 6205s exceeds IHO SP-44, NOAA, and USACE specifications for Feature Detection and Bathymetric Point Data Uncertainty.

Next Generation EdgeTech Bathymetric technology
Unrivaled swath coverage in shallow water when compared to other single head systems
Co-registered dual frequency side scan and single frequency bathymetry with full nadir coverage
Superior multipath rejection
IHO SP-44 Special Order compliant
Swath sectors of up to 200°
Equidistant and Equiangle output options
EdgeTech’s Discover Bathymetric Sonar Control Software
Motion Tolerant Side Scan
Universal MRU mounting plate

Tri-frequency sidescan sonar by EdgeTech

Tri-frequency sidescan sonar by EdgetechKey Features

  • Tri frequency side scan sonar
  • Motion tolerant mode
  • Improved target positioning
  • Crisp, high resolution CHIRP images
  • Increased towfish power to support a
    wider range of additional 3rd party
  • Single pulse high resolution mode

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Mini Imaging Sonars by Impact Subsea

Mini Imaging Sonar by Impact Subsea

The ISS360 Imaging Sonar provides excellent image clarity with a range capability up to 90 meters / 295 feet.

As a very compact imaging sonar the ISS360 is an ideal ROV & AUV navigation, obstacle avoidance and target identification sonar for the smallest to the largest underwater vehicles.

Provided in a Titanium housing the ISS360 is depth rated to 4,000 meters / 13,123 feet.

Optionally, the ISS360 can be provided with an integrated Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS). This provides highly stable Heading, Pitch and Roll readings.

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S-Boom Sub-bottom profiling system

The S-Boom Sub-bottom Profiling System is an alliance of existing and new technologies, packaged to provide a unique and powerful method of carrying out deep penetration seismic surveys with ultra-high resolution data quality.

By harnessing the combined power of three proven AA252 Boomer Plates to provide one single pulse, the S-Boom System redefines the boundaries of shallow seismic surveying. The transmitted energy is focused by the array geometry to improve the directivity and beam pattern, giving a marked improvement over traditional seismic sound sources.

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CSP-NP Power Source by Applied Acoustics

CSP-NP (Reverse polarity)
Output, per shot, 300J

Power Source by Applied AcousticsThe CSP-NP is a compact, lightweight seismic power supply that utilizes cutting edge technology to produce a small unit with an exceptional power output. Recently upgraded, the CSP-NP incorporates reverse voltage technology that allows compatibility with the Dura-Spark L80 and L200 compact high resolution sound sources, as well as the single plate AA251 and AA301 boomers.

The CSP-NP operates in excess of 300J at 3pps, the offshore industry standard specification, and as such is regarded as the power supply of choice throughout the world.

The CSP-NP incorporates the unique innovative feature, the Dual Voltage Output, giving the unit exceptional versatility. By adjusting the voltage output, switchable on the front panel, greater penetration can be achieved from the sound source.