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Wave Glider: An Energy Harvesting Ocean Robot

The ocean is full of power and information. The Wave Glider is designed to capture both. With the latest advancements in energy harvesting and propulsion, combined with a payload and sensor architecture, the Wave Glider is a persistent mobile data-gathering platform.

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The Wave Glider: The longest running autonomous system in the Digital Ocean.

Meteorology & Oceanography

Tsunami & Seismic Monitoring
Mobile, long-duration Wave Gliders are ideal for harvesting data from subsea sensors and tracking seafloor motion using GPS-Acoustics.

Fish & Marine Mammal Monitoring
Wave Gliders can improve how you find fish, track tagged marine mammals, and assess the health of fisheries—for a fraction of the cost of ships-based methods.

Offshore Energy
Wave Gliders provide a mobile and persistent platform that can monitor conditions, harvest subsea data, and communicate in real-time with underwater vehicles and systems, making offshore operations safer and more cost-effective.

Wave Glider for Defense Applications

Wave Glider for Defense Applications

Anti-Submarine Warfare
Wave Gliders host payloads and tow sensors to provide undersea connectivity, addressing initial detection challenges and enabling tip and cue of aerial assets.

At the British Royal Navy’s Unmanned Warrior exercise, Liquid Robotics and Boeing used a network of persistent USVs to detect, report and track a live submarine.

Surface Vessel Detection
Wave Gliders are a low-cost, mobile platform for 24×7 persistent acoustic surveillance, so you can detect vessels entering or operating in a targeted area.

During a mission to patrol the waters around the Pitcairn Islands, the Wave Glider successfully intercepted and collected data on three vessels whose AIS signatures were unavailable.

Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance
Wave Gliders are low-observable, mobile platforms that enable over-the horizon surveillance with both surface and sub-surface payloads.

Communications Gateway
Radio waves don’t travel well underwater. And underwater acoustics require a relay at the surface. Wave Gliders provide an essential link to connect seabed to space nearly anywhere in the ocean.